Commissioned Services

Assembly & Preparation

For when you don’t have the time or patience…

We take great care in assembling your minis. Cleaning up mold lines, efficient use of glue, and posing, all play a part in great table presence.

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For that pile of unpainted minis at game night…

Our approach to painting miniatures is to create an incredible table presence for your next game night. Our standard is table-ready plus, with surfaces treated to play well in average room lighting.

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Nothing adds theme like a solid base.

Whether you want that next level of immersion, or just want your favorite minis elevated above the rest, a custom base adds presence and weight to your gaming experience.

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3D Printing

Make it priceless with something you can’t buy in stores

Have a 3D model you would like printed and painted? Need an accessory or set piece for your next role playing session? We make it real and paint to your needs.

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Customization on the fly!

Be prepared to customize! Magnetizing your miniatures gives you flexibility at the table and that extra sense of immersion when your mini matches your characters.

Caution: Tiny magnets should be kept away from children and pets.

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Special Effects

When you need to be super-extra!

Sometimes a beautiful paint job and thematic base just aren’t enough. We can accessorize your minis with utility bases for health counters or directional markers. Add real lighting with integrated power for that super-extra touch. And even make things move if you are that extreme!

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